About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of budding writers. Few of us write to fulfil our hobby interests while others are full time professional writers. Overall, we love to write stories, poetry, experiences, punchlines, taglines, etc. We are keen to grow our clientele as well as like minded people to team up with! Please feel free to connect with us.

What we are not?

We do not run like an automatic spellcheck or proofreading software, nor have we adopted technologies like AI for doing this job. We believe in the value of human touch and wish to keep it like that as of now. Our team members are neither associated with the team of Oxford dictionary makers nor have we mugged up grammar lessons from ‘Wren and Martin’, nor are we PhD holders in English literature. We are just a team of passionate writers who think we can express with the help of right choice of words than most of the commoners. Try us!

How do we earn?

To start with, we are offering most of our services free of charge. As mentioned above, many of us write for hobby and passion and want to see how this goes. If demand rises and our writers feel burdened, we will soon announce our nominal commercial model.
However, we trust that you’ll also want to be fair! If you think we have done our job right, we would appreciate a little gift/donation from your end to keep our writers motivated and in the game.


For Writers

Baba Ranchoddas ne kaha hai, “Agar America jaake bank mei naukri karni thi, toh engineering kay ke liye kiya?” Correct! That’s why, we don’t care if you’ve studied till 10th or completed your PhD. If you have the knack to write well, and if you want to be a part of our growing team of writers, Drop us a note at


For Business Partnerships

We write content and you manufacture merchandise; like t-shirts, mugs, caps, cushions, etc.
You may be an awesome designer who can make theme/message based designs.
Anything else that you think we can partner for? Please do not hesitate to drop us a note at